Saturday, March 10, 2012

Done? Well, not quite Done as it turns out...

Eight months later now, and as you can see I haven't quite kicked the bug of collecting Ken Done... turns out, it's a passion I can't ignore! But more than that, it also turns out that I just keep on *loving* The Social Studio too. And I'm not alone; Ken Done himself says: "The Social Studio celebrates the best of Australia: a commitment to creativity and an opportunity for us all. I wish them every success..."

So now I'm trying to bring The Social Studio to Sydney. I've started a new blog to chart this journey. ShowTellShare: doing good in a fashion ( Please join this stage of our new challenge together. I can assure you, there will be more *colourful* fashion, more of The Social Studio's ethical fashion, and yes, even occasionally, more Ken Done too! xo xo
Ken Done jacket from eBay, The Social Studio silk skirt, glasses from op shop, earrings from Japan, Jessica Dance necklace, Fluevogs.
The Social Studio fifth runway collection showed at Penthouse Mouse as a part of L'Oreal Fashion Week. Here we are last night, supporting the collection! Please go to for more photos of the night...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

All Done.

What Ken Be Done? is Done.

And behind me, and a Ken Done outfit every day for 365 days, was a legion of *good* people. Here’s how people have helped to make What Ken Be Done? a success…

... 139 Ken Done fashion items donated
... 13 Ken Done items lent to the project (of course I fully understand the wish to not let go of Done gold!)
... Supporters of the project made 17 items for me out of Ken Done fabric
... With these donations, plus my own collection of Done, I was able to feature a different piece of Done for 365 days
... Donated items were, and are still being auctioned off on eBay, with all money raised going directly to The Social Studio
... We paid tribute to two other key 1980s Australian designers who loved colour in their own way; Linda Jackson and Jenny Kee
... About 40 vintage snaps, contemporary photos and ‘live spotting’ of Ken Done fashion were sent in…

In total we’ve raised over $25,000 for The Social Studio.

An amazing THANK YOU to each and every single person involved in raising this money!

If you want to stay in touch with The Social Studio, then click here and add your email address to subscribe to their updates.

What Ken Be Done? is a project that was a success because of the support of many, many people, affectionately called the Done-Nuts. Every single time a person has become involved in this project I’m grateful.

I met with Ken Done four times!

Ken Done, his family, and his wonderful staff also helped in these amazing ways…
he and his wife Judy Done, and his cousin Christine donated many, many Ken Done fashion items for me to showcase…
… he created my WKBD Christmas card
… he hosted the final night celebration party

And a special thanks to Ken Done for having a name that provided endless fun with word-plays!

Meredith Turnbull (a.k.a the Live in Photographer), Charles Ruddock, Hamish Redd, Jo Taylor, Courtney Collins, Antonia Ruffell, Jane D’abbs, Seth Godin, The Uniform Project, and Grace McQuilten.
Lyndel Walker, Raquel Ormella (a.k.a Birdmonkey), Susan and James Ruddock, Sally Bruce, Bec Lever, David Moutou, David Hardie, Raphael Kilpatrick, Anna Loughnane, Nicole, Iain Kaan, Bridget Bolitho, The Whole Ruddock Family, Genelle Nicholls, David Cohen, Anonymous, Kate Richardson, Kevin Robbie, Briana Kish, Sebert and Sofie Ruddock, Ali Benton, The WA Turnbull-Williams Family, Lisa Rose, Tori Spooner, Marc Carra, Romina, Sarah and Jo from Yoga To Go, Peter and Arthur from Molly Coddle Café.

In 1985 Ken Done starred in a Swan Lager ad.
The ad begins with the line, ‘They said you’d never make it with your colourful ideas…” 
My thanks to you all for the past 365 days for helping me make my colourful, hopeful dream come true, and by association The Social Studio. xo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Closing Party at The Ken Done Gallery!

What a night we had! What a truly spectacular way to finish up the year! Ken and Judy Done, and their family hosted our party at The Ken Done Gallery down at The Rocks. They really did so much for the event, including this picture-wall featuring each day of my Ken Done year (thanks Kyoko!).

And you know what? The support for The Social Studio just keeps coming! All our friends and supporters donated on the evening and showed solidarity for our *good* purpose.

And you know what else? Even more! The *amazing* news of the evening is that What Ken Be Done is the inaugural grantee from The Slingsby Foundation. They've donated $6,000!! SUPER THANKS to the Foundation, and to David xo xo

Our total has been bumped up and up. We're now so close to being able to support The Social Studio to lease a retail space in which to train more than 15 young refugees in fashion design and retailing. So if you've still been meaning to donate - then please do - every dollar raised will be put to *good* use, I can promise you!

Here also is a bit of a showcase of images from the evening... Please enjoy!
The wall-poster by Kyoko from the Ken Done Gallery...
So we meet again... The Fan and The Guru.
Here's Nicole from The Social Studio up for the party. She's the *genius* that made my skirt, and I was truly so pleased she could come and celebrate!
The champagne bottles were made by The Done Gallery to mark the evening and the end of the project... Gee, how great, *more* photos of me in that Ken Done t-shirt!! ;-) xo
The Ken Done Gals.
(L to R): Janet (KD skirt), Courtney (KD jumpsuit), Susan (KD Dress), The Guru, Me, Raquel a.k.a. Birdmonkey (KD jumper and necklace), Bec (KD dress) and Sally (KD scarf).
Ken Zone Boys
(L to R): Adrik (KD t-shirt and Australis scarf), Iain (KD rugby shirt), The Man, Evan (KD t-shirt), Rob (KD shirt and bag).
My brother, James (KD tie), Susan my sister-in-law, my step-Mum, Sofie (KD scarf) and my Dad (KD scarf).
Alex and Anna from The Social Studio. Woo hoo!!
Carl (KD shirt and scarf), Mr Done, Adrik (KD t-shirt).
Vesna, Janet, Iain, Evan and David (KD hoodie).
Cousin Christine (KD scarf and jewellery), me and Peter (KD tie). We *love* Cousin Christine!
Susan and me in front a photo of *the* painting day, which the Done's generously framed for the party.
James and Bec in matching Ken Done print.
Me and Courtney. Courtney's Ken Done jumpsuit caused quite the *stir* of the evening. Unseen, classic 1980s Ken Done *gold*!!
Rob sporting a Ken Done shirt and satchel. It's truly Sydney business-men style!
The *wonderful* Judy and Ken Done. A BIG thanks to them and their family, as well as all the kind staff for their support xo
Dearest Grace, the founder of The Social Studio. Grace made a lovely speech on the night. She's wearing a Social Studio headscarf and classic Ken Done shirt. We *love* The Social Studio!
Ken also said some *lovely* words on the evening...
Yep, it was a bloody *good* time all round!!

So, dearest fans this is just about your final fix of What Ken Be Done?

There will be just one last post to share the credits of all the many, many people involved in this 365-day dream. So many of you have been involved that I need some time to get it all sorted!! So check back in with us for the final time on next Monday 4 July...

Don't forget either, our WKBD eBay charity sales continue. Your chance to own part of the memories!

xo xo xo
Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday today Ken Done!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 365/365: They said you'd never make it, with your colourful ideas...

Crimped hair by David at Bedrock! Ken Done glasses, earrings from Japan,Uniqlo skivvy, Pumpkin Patch bolero from op shop with Howard Arkley brooches, Ken Done fabric into *amazing* necklace by Birdmonkey, Estilio belt, The Social Studio ra-ra skirt from Ken Done curtains, pillowcases and other fabric, Ken Done socks donated by Cousin Christine, my new Fluevogs, NY ring from Iain, vintage bangles, and Ken Done tote donated by Cousin Christine.

Gasp! Gush! Eeek! I've made it! You've helped me!
Look at how much *GOOD* work we have Done!
Presenting The Mother of All Ra-Ra skirts made by the *amazing* Nicole and Anna at The Social Studio. Here's what it looked like in the making:
And here's the SPECTACULAR detail:
I. Love. This. Skirt. I. Love. The. Social. Studio.

Now check out too, this *wonderful* handmade necklace by Birdmonkey. Is there anything this artist can't do?!
The socks because they make me happy...
The Tote, because we are 'Done'.
And finally, my genuine Ken Done $1 dollar coin. My Dad gave this to me. And see my smile? That's because look to your right just how much you've helped me to raise!!

Take a bow, dear readers, I owe you all a HUGE amount of thanks xo xo
Last photos tomorrow of our celebration party being hosted by Mr Ken Done himself this evening...

On our LAST day:
Help raise money by visiting the What Ken Be Done charity eBay store
Securely Donate money to support The Social Studio here
How *good* !

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 364/365: This is the stuff of dreams...

Glasses from Japan, Ken Done earrings and matching necklace (WKBD Collection), immaculate condition 1980s vintage Ken Done winter dress, Juicy Couture shoes.

Whenever people have asked me about my Ken Done collection, this is always the dress that pops first to mind.

The LiP's brother, Matt and his partner, Bec were travelling Australia in early 2009. One day I get home to find a package addressed to me. Inside is this dress. They'd found it in an op shop in regional South Australia. It's in *perfect* condition; in fact I think it's never been worn. This truly is the stuff of op-shop dreams!

I think the moment that I received this dress was when I first really knew it was going to be worth trying to wear Ken Done for 365 days. This kind of fashion glory just had to shared!

I also can't believe I've been able to wait until the second-last day of What Ken Be Done to share it with you! But I've wanted to make sure you got to see Ken Done *gold* all the way until the end. And let's not also forget how much of a 1980s fashion doozy this dress is in itself: drop waist, thick PolyCotton, and side pockets. So phenomenal is hurts!
And it's truly my pleasure to share this second-last-day-post with Birdmonkey's Canberra friends. I present for your pleasure a picture-story called:

The Story of the Ken Done Red Size 10 High-Waisted Pants

Ruby brought around a bag of fabric to a Canberra Craft night and said that she had an actual Ken Done item in itself: a pair of red size 10 high-waisted thick cords.

Ruby had used the fabric from the ankle for another sewing project but we all thought they looked kinda cool with one shorter leg. Nadege is the usual recipient of anything size 10, but she took one look at them and said, “Ah, these are a
vintage 1980s size 10” i.e. size 8.

Luckily Merrin is exactly that size so they are now in her wardrobe. I have seen her wear them to school, that shorter leg is perfect for showing off cool socks!

And Ruby keeps pondering what she did with the missing ankle fabric…
With only ONE day to go:

Help raise money by visiting the What Ken Be Done charity eBay store (Ken Done items uploaded everyday until we end)...
Securely Donate money to support The Social Studio here
Share the news, and tell all your friends about our aim to raise $15,000 to secure 10 new traineeships for young refugees. How *good* !

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 363/365: Building a bridge to your heart**

Tatty Devine necklace, Ken Done jacket (WKBD Collection), Jaxon Dee vintage dress, socks from Japan, Fluevogs.

Last night at Aurora was wonderful! People were very supportive of my speech, and many people came up to me afterwards and said how much they *loved* what we are doing in this project. It's a truly lovely feeling to have people excited about creative philanthropy in Australia.

Speaking of excitement, check out this *spectacular* Ken Done jacket. It even has shoulder pads (gush!). And sorry people, this Ken Done baby is going to stay with me! :-)

** 1987 song greatness.

With only 2 days to go:
Help raise money by visiting the What Ken Be Done charity eBay store (Ken Done items uploaded everyday until we end)...
Securely Donate money to support The Social Studio here
Share the news, and tell all your friends about our aim to raise $15,000 to secure 10 new traineeships for young refugees. How *good* !

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 362-2/365: Gay Paris at the Sydney Harbour...

Vintage hat (I wore a pink version at Trivia, this is my second, white one!), Ken Done glasses, Tatty Devine harlequin necklace, Sue Bookallil 1980s bolero from op shop, Ken Done doona dress made by Jo, Oroton belt from op shop, vintage petticoat, Jonathan Aston tights, Fluevogs, Ken Done handbag donated by Ken & Judy Done.

I'm off to Gay Paris tonight! It's a charity black tie function for the wonderful Aurora Group Foundation, and I have the honour of being their key note speaker. I have to tell you, Ken Done butterflies are dancing around my stomach madly! How lucky am I to get the chance to talk to people like the Governor of NSW, the Lord Mayor of Sydney and a bunch of other *good* people about What Ken Be Done?!

It certainly helps then to have this *stunning* handmade dress, made by Jo. She's taken a 1980s Ken Done doona and sewn it into a classic 1980s sun dress. I commissioned this piece, because I've always had my eye on a 1980s dress with a heart-shape neckline. With only three days left, I wanted to make sure my own wardrobe keeps a few Ken Done *gems*... I can't just give up on The Guru!
Another treat to keep me in the vintage party mode in this 1970s ring gifted to me by the Live In Photographer's (LiP) Mum, Pam. Check out this fabulous shot of her going out one night to a fancy do in the 70s wearing the ring. Her own Mum made her dress - purple crepe - which would have matched the ring like a dream. And what else can I say really, but LOVE THE HAIR, PAM!!

Have a wonderful evening, everyone xo

With only 3 days to go:
Help raise money by visiting the What Ken Be Done charity eBay store (Ken Done items uploaded everyday until we end)...
Securely Donate money to support The Social Studio here
Share the news, and tell all your friends about our aim to raise $15,000 to secure 10 new traineeships for young refugees. How *good* !