Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 33/365 (2): First meeting with The Social Studio!

I just got to meet with some of The Social Studio Crew! They're up in Sydney showcasing all their *fantastic* design skills... and I know first-hand what I'm talking about, just you wait until you see what's in that brown bag I am gripping so tightly! These folks are really making a *difference,* and they are having fun while they do it. Check out this video of their pop-up shop in Melbourne to see what I am talking about. *good work, good design, great people!*

Day 33/365

This Ken Done thick, quality cotton men's shirt is one of my true favourites. So to love something so much, and to be wearing it today, I must be excited about something... and I am!I'll keep you posted ;-)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 32/365: First Donated 1980s Australian Fashion Piece

Inspiration by Done Friday... although on this occasion, Australis, the designers of my colourful scarf took "inspiration" a little too far. Some might say I've taken my outfit a little too far too...
My woollen cape is by Young Elegante, Sydney. My highly talented and generous friend Jodie, then hand-made me these woollen pants to match. (Check out her *amazing* sewing skills at her upholstery business, Maurer & Strange.) Flairs, houndstooth and wool in a pair of pants - how could I possibly lose?!

But today the Done-inspiration is my 1980s Australis scarf. You remember Australis? That pink make up, that slightly odd smelling perfume, that lurid nail polish?** Now this is certainly a fun scarf, but I'm mildly offended at the serious Done copy-cat nature of it all. (And in fact, my limited research tells me Ken Done's company actually took these guys to court one time... he won... and you can see why, yes?!)

But from being a copy-cat to being all *good* ... The reason I have this scarf is because of my friend Paula, and her work in getting Lee at The Atomic Love ebay shop to donate it to me. So this scarf that took inspiration too far, now continues to give and give. Where will it stop? Lee donated this scarf to What Ken Be Done - it's our first donation! Hooray and thanks for being part of the *good fashion for good* movement!
**not that I really think you can have too much colour, of course ;-)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 31/365

The year is 1981. On 29 July, Prince Charles and Princess Diana get married. The NSW Premier at this time is Neville Wran. His daughter, Kim, sends Diana a Jenny Kee koala jumper to mark their wedding. One year later, she is spotted in it. *Shebang!* 1980s Australian style hits the international market! And we've never, never looked back :-)

Ah, Ken Done: woollen jumpers: and the upside-down 'Down Under' motif. It just can't be beaten...

(And BTW, yes, there will be Kee coming...)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 30/365

This wonderful scarf is a gift from my friend, Iain. I reckon that's when you know you have *good* friends - when they indulge your passions - and they are always on the look-out for you!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 29/365 (2)

Look, it could seem overload, but imagine my *shock* when I actually realised I took the photo of my outfit today, but WITHOUT Done! I really have to work on how much time this takes... I was getting ready and running so far behind time, I completely lost my purpose... and I even missed the train too! But post-Stephen, here I am Happy as Larry, and with my Ken Done "sub-tote"... thank you, Ed.

I had such a lovely an evening tonight. So good infact that my 1980s Kotex skin-tone stockings finally got a ladder... and they even had little hearts along the side leg and all. I will miss them. Oh well, now time for them to hold up unruly trees and bushes in my backyard garden. Hosiery - it never dies... a bit like Mr Fry's wit.

Day 29/365: First Ken Done Nostalgia

Date Night. I reckon this Ken Done bag is one item many fashionista ladies would be happy to accessorise with today. That smiling koala portrait at the clasp is *genius, pure genius.*

Today I also showcase a vintage Maggie T jacket I found in an op-shop in Ashfield. Now that was a happy day, I can tell you. All this is because I'm off to Stephen Fry tonight - and I am so *excited* - well, yes, of course because of the show... but also... LOOK BELOW...
Pam - you have made my day! Check out these *FABULOUS* first photos we have of Ken Done showcased in the past! And with these photos, I'm doing no cropping: I *love* seeing the whole shot... for example, check out Pam's own t-shirt at the back (she's at the back, in the middle)... I reckon this is Ken Done too! Then there's also the bathers to the left of the photo, and the Inspector Gadget on the second little girl. These photo *scream* 1980s style... now I better go off to see Stephen and try and compose myself.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 28/365

How well do you know your hanky codes? The placement of this hanky means, 'I do good.' The pattern on the hanky itself means, 'Beware, crazed Ken Done Fan - Stand Back!' (You can tell this because of the pink and purple camouflage.)

And don't let first impressions fool you. It may look like I'm 'just' wearing jeans, but as someone who has not owned a pair of jeans for over 15 years, this is *radical* for me. My opinions all changed some months back when I spotted a pair of leopard print Versace jeans in an op-shop (see Day 12/365). It suddenly dawned on me I was needlessly closing myself down to all the options a 'jean' could provide. I haven't gone too nuts yet - and this is the only pair that are 'conventional denim blue' - but they are also second-hand and organic cotton, so I feel pretty damn good about them actually.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 27/365

What am I doing out so late on a Sunday night, hey missy? Well, there was Vanessa's birthday and then onto swinging at The Victoria Room. It was all about wearing my beloved red cape (thanks Maman), my heart white boots and the white Ken Done clutch... Star Trek, Secretary Gone Wrong - you tell me...

To top it off while swinging at the Victoria Room, a friend Kate offered me more Done to showcase. Happy week ahead to all...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 26/365

Today is about Done pastels, and pearls. The style suited the relaxed feel of my day, strolling about my neighbourhood. Imagine my delight when I ran into a friend of mine Sally... she's now become a serious spotter of Done for me, and she's already got me some great leads. I can't wait to celebrate her finds. After chatting with her I made a quick pit-stop at a local op-shop and scored some more Done! I'll showcase it later! So really, a good Saturday.

Another signed and dated scarf today. 1986 was clearly about turquoise. I'm gonna have to get onto that...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 25/365: First Ken Done Live (Spotted at Newtown Station)

Purple and yellow. Can you get more 80's, I ask you?!
This dress is from label, 'Counterpoint.' I think better to say the dress is made from, 'I stole the point from Ken Done.' (It's Inspiration Friday, remember.) And just when you think the dress is done, um, Done... it busts out pleats, and shoulder buttons:But look below for THE REAL NEWS. Yep, it's the first Ken Done live photo sent in by Scout. And the message on the email said, 'You can't see it in the photo, but the bottom of the KD bag still has the Vinnies (op shop) sticker on it... only $8!' (It's the bag on the person's lap BTW.)
Scout you just made my day!
Person in the photo, well Ken Done, you!

So c'mon y'all... KD photos for the year to come...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 24/365

When does size matter?

1. Ken Done knows it matters, which is why he created the KD purse that fits comfortably in your palm, and holds enough loose change for my daily large coffee.

2. Hookturn Industries knows size matters when they created their larger 12oz BYO reusable coffee cup (upsized from the 8oz version).

*Good* Form and Function = *Good* Fashion to power my days. Thank you Ken Done, Thank you Hookturn. xo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 23/365

Dear Navy Blue, Fleecy Ken Done jumper, help me to finish my thesis. Give me warmth to heat my freaking-out brain. May your solid colour help to keep me on track. And with the important pairing of a 1980's leotard, let my work truly unite into something that makes sense.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 22/365

Don't even ask me why it is that I am transporting 6 rolls of wrapping paper from WA to NSW. Call it my urge to ensure we discontinue wasting resources we have already expended. (Plus the colours were so *pretty!*)

When transporting I only use K. Done - the tote being my preferred bag option. And if you ever have a moment, then best to check Australian fashion texts for new insights. Finally dress is a WA op-shop bargain, hand-made and a delight!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 21/365

Let me introduce you to Zoila and her op shop in Mandurah, WA. This is a *great* op shop, and Zoila set it up all herself to support her community. Got to love that. (Plus I once scored Yohji Yamamoto overalls here for an absolute bargain, so it will always be dear to me!)

When op-shopping in a hurry, best to wear easy 'on and off' gear... thus sporting KD pants today.

The final thing is whether WA op-shops ever really benefitted from the Ken Done Revolution... we've been looking all around this town and so far, not much luck. Can anyone who lives full-time in this city help me out? Surely we can find some KD here to showcase!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 20/365

Sunday Morning Exercise. Getting physical in Madora Bay. And before you wonder where all the colour has gone, let me remind you of the *joy* that is 1980s 'sweatshirt grey'! Check out the vintage Waikiki sweatshirt; I'm pairing this with a royal blue Ken Done Canteen scarf.
And after all that activity? It's down to the Madora Bay Tavern for the $5 Sunday Roast and a XXXX Gold. Even the Tavern sign is 1980s sweatshirt grey...
Also for a lovely Sunday read, check out this great wrap on how *good* The Social Studio are, and why I need your support in raising money to make sure they keep going from strength to strength.

Not long until TSS and I all meet up in person - and imagine the fashion fusion then!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 19/365

I thought to get in the mood for an election I'd don (or should that be Done?) the green and gold today. Accessories by Ken Done (brooch) and TransPerth (seating).

Clearly by now you will work out how important colour is to me. But even this went a bit far... unconsciously I matched my breakfast with my outfit today! We're at the Green House Perth, a new amazing cafe that has all the bells and whistles of organic, sustainable, recycled, etc. Well worth a look see. And yes, the peas *really* tasted liked peas!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 18/365 (2)

The *great* thing about a daily blog is when you see GOLD you are ready to go. Please explain?

Well, we're in Perth and if you find yourself in this town the one place you must go is the Hula Bula Bar. Yes, my partner is absolutely nutso for Hawaiiana and Tiki style, but I dare anyone not to love this joint. Take for example me next to the 'Tiki inspired' carving of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Royalty meets: Tiki meets: 1980s meets: Ken Done. I mean, who doesn't win out of this?!

Day 18/365

Ready to Reappropriate*?! It's 'Inspired by Ken Done' Friday and I'm taking back Ken Done style, not to mention pictures of naked ladies with lions for the *good* of us all! Here I am at Jim's Hairstylist for Men in Shafto Lane, Perth. Jim supplied the decor, I supplied the vintage Katies shirt - truly an inspired Ken Done-esque piece.

(*Reappropriate means to reclaim back something that is usually designed to make you feel 'bad,' or out of place.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 17/365

Celebrating a life well lived. Rest in peace, Violet "Peggy" Ringrose. Handkerchief by Ken Done.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 16/365

Minor crisis just averted. At airport again, and after taking the shots of the day, I realised there was no cord from camera to computer. What to do? Fortunately, as a Mac user from way back I switched to my phone and there is still an image to post. It's a little bit 'Vaseline lens style,' but that works for me.

Item of today is the KD LBB. Ken Done Little Black Bag. Perfect for travel to hold all my jewellery as I pass through the metal detectors. Well paired with the larger KD travel kit bag showcased earlier. (And yes, I have more!)

Also today I am showcasing a *rad* Australian 1980s shirt by Emu Productions. Olive green, wide shoulders, and it actually says 'One size fits all' ... how it fits, or how good it might look is clearly up for grabs.