Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 12/365

Who says you can't do child-adult matching outfits?!

Check out my sidekick in today's post which showcases two types of Ken Done kangaroo t-shirts and my little Meg-a-star too! How lucky am I to be sharing this post with my partner's niece. Being with family, hunting the Done in Noosa's op shops, and wearing matching leopard skin pants really tops it off. And even though she's only 15 months old, Meg is already doing *good fashion for good*. Love those shoes too Meg!


Meg's Fan Club President said...

I like your matching outfits. Do you take all your fashion advice from kids? Meg's a real cutey!

Sally said...

So hot! The leopard pants!! Killer

Anna said...

I am already addicted to your blog, which a friend just linked to, rediscovering all the colourful designs of my childhood! This tshirt reminds me of the Adele Weiss designs, will you be showcasing some of them too?

What Ken Be Done? said...

Hey thanks for your comments.

Anna: I've tried to find out about Adele Weiss but not much is coming up. She was designing out of Sydney, yes? You got any shots of you in her gear in the 1980s? Ever seen her stuff now in the op shops? Please send them in if you do! And in the meantime, thanks for the heads up... 'cause we've got a whole year to go and any *inspiration* is going help keep this interesting and do *good*! :-)

Meg's Fan Club President said...

this is still my favourite post.
hard to beat.