Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 14/365

At the airport now and we've been hit with excess baggage! I tried explaining the value of Ken Done, but it seems airlines can't compute this equation. Purchase price for 1 x KD curtains, 1 x queen bed doona cover, 2 x bandanas, 6 x coasters = total $ to op shops = $22. Excess baggage = getting slammed $80. Suddenly real cost of project is raising exponentially... Thankfully I have a colourful KD scarf to wrap a good mood around me.


Meg's Fan Club President said...

Nice shorts Jackie. The tropics suit you

Anonymous said...

urgh hate the extra costage! x Meggan

What Ken Be Done? said...

I know Meggan, you think the silly airline could see the *bigger picture* of this project, and not some measly extra luggage! :-)