Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 16/365

Minor crisis just averted. At airport again, and after taking the shots of the day, I realised there was no cord from camera to computer. What to do? Fortunately, as a Mac user from way back I switched to my phone and there is still an image to post. It's a little bit 'Vaseline lens style,' but that works for me.

Item of today is the KD LBB. Ken Done Little Black Bag. Perfect for travel to hold all my jewellery as I pass through the metal detectors. Well paired with the larger KD travel kit bag showcased earlier. (And yes, I have more!)

Also today I am showcasing a *rad* Australian 1980s shirt by Emu Productions. Olive green, wide shoulders, and it actually says 'One size fits all' ... how it fits, or how good it might look is clearly up for grabs.


Vicki H said...

Jackie, this is such a cool idea. I dont' know how you do it every day!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Hey thanks Vicki H! So far the sense tends to be either what a *good* idea, or 'why the hell would you wear Ken Done every day?' As someone said, 'they should be paying YOU to wear him.'

But fashion is up for grabs for us all - and when it comes to colour: you can't beat Ken Done. When it comes to 1980s - you can't beat Ken Done. And finally, when it comes to the sheer amount of *stuff* I am trying to collect and showcase - you can't beat Ken Done!

Keep on checking back - there are some ripper pieces to come too!