Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 17/365

Celebrating a life well lived. Rest in peace, Violet "Peggy" Ringrose. Handkerchief by Ken Done.


Anonymous said...

geez is that an example of Ken's poetry skills .. "butterflies have no voice" ....?

....yes. but they have wings and can fly."

What Ken Be Done? said...

You know, I was seconds away from writing back some equally witty comment to take the p*ss out of the handerkerchief too, and then I just thought I'd do a little research.

Turns out Ken Done is quoting a haiku poem by Japanese poet Reikan. Turns out Ken Done went to Japan in 1962 and dug the place a whole lot. I actually got this kerchief from Japan myself, and as someone who loves the country too, well...
So instead I'll give you the whole haiku in its *glory*

I would learn of their dreams in the flowers
but ah! Butterflies have no voice.

Anonymous said...

the black dress is like the uniform blog dress. i like!

when i read 'butterflys have no voice' i thought the next line should be 'but their beauty says it all'. Meggan

What Ken Be Done? said...

Hey thanks for the props, Meggan.

When I read 'butterflys have no voice' I thought the next line should be... 'except when they are on Ken Done, and they just *scream* style!' :-)