Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 24/365

When does size matter?

1. Ken Done knows it matters, which is why he created the KD purse that fits comfortably in your palm, and holds enough loose change for my daily large coffee.

2. Hookturn Industries knows size matters when they created their larger 12oz BYO reusable coffee cup (upsized from the 8oz version).

*Good* Form and Function = *Good* Fashion to power my days. Thank you Ken Done, Thank you Hookturn. xo


Anon for obvious reasons said...

When is Ken going to make an appearance on the blog? Surely he knows about it by now....
The 2 of you could re-create the Swan Lager ad?
I'd happily crash through the stage wearing a sequined one-piece...but only for you and Ken.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Is that you, Ken Done? Could it be you?!

Hey Anon, when the times comes, don't worry... I'll track you down and we can ALL be part of remaking the ad!

The fun times - they are a'coming!