Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 32/365: First Donated 1980s Australian Fashion Piece

Inspiration by Done Friday... although on this occasion, Australis, the designers of my colourful scarf took "inspiration" a little too far. Some might say I've taken my outfit a little too far too...
My woollen cape is by Young Elegante, Sydney. My highly talented and generous friend Jodie, then hand-made me these woollen pants to match. (Check out her *amazing* sewing skills at her upholstery business, Maurer & Strange.) Flairs, houndstooth and wool in a pair of pants - how could I possibly lose?!

But today the Done-inspiration is my 1980s Australis scarf. You remember Australis? That pink make up, that slightly odd smelling perfume, that lurid nail polish?** Now this is certainly a fun scarf, but I'm mildly offended at the serious Done copy-cat nature of it all. (And in fact, my limited research tells me Ken Done's company actually took these guys to court one time... he won... and you can see why, yes?!)

But from being a copy-cat to being all *good* ... The reason I have this scarf is because of my friend Paula, and her work in getting Lee at The Atomic Love ebay shop to donate it to me. So this scarf that took inspiration too far, now continues to give and give. Where will it stop? Lee donated this scarf to What Ken Be Done - it's our first donation! Hooray and thanks for being part of the *good fashion for good* movement!
**not that I really think you can have too much colour, of course ;-)


Prince CHarming said...

I'm surprised they don't call you Super Pants.... You've even managed to blend in with the floor in your studio!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Super Pants... *super* pants... now I do like that!