Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 8/365

It's already one week! A *huge* thank you to my families & friends for offering all your support so far! We are here to have fun and make a difference to The Social Studio, & I couldn't do this without your help :-)

A Ken Done silk scarf with sailing boats today.

And also, a happy birthday to Christiaan van Vuuren (aka Fully Sick Rapper), who has recently been given the 'all clear' on his tuberculosis. Check out his You-Tube clips to see a great example of a fun, socially minded extrovert. Good luck to him continuing to raise money and support for good causes, all through the vehicle of distinctly 80s inspired rap! More people for fun, I say!


Kane said...

is that belt by Done too?

What Ken Be Done? said...

Don't I wish! Actually I've never seen a Ken Done belt. Ties, yes. Brooches, yes. Belts? Anyone?