Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 42/365

Flowers for Monday. It makes me think of plants and greenness, which brings me nicely to the lovely post about What Ken Be Done? on State of Green, an online store with environmental care as a concern. Their shots of The Social Studio are fantastic, and thanks to Ken Done's style on my skirt: I'd like to hand a metaphorical bunch of flowers to you all today! Especially to you, sister-in-law Susan for all your creative lobbying in Melbourne xo


birdmonkey said...

wow KD does 60's retro graphics- nice!

skb said...

What are those boots? I love, love, love this skirt...when does bidding start?! Happy to help out with any endeavours. My attempt at a year long clothing blog would probably be something like "Here's me in another outfit covered in one of my children's food / grimy hands / chuck / snot / texta marks" let's support the more creative, interesting efforts like yours!

What Ken Be Done? said...

birdmonkey: I know, this one is a bit out the box, hey? Another one of those KD items people say, "But that doesn't really look like Ken Done..."

SKB: I'll keep you posted on the bidding auctions for sure! And what? No mother-and-child Ken Done double outfit photo for me to post on my blog?!! :-)