Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 44/365

OK, time to be honest: I'm not *entirely* sure this is a genuine Ken Done bag. When I bought it, I was convinced. But the longer I look at it (and now with the insight of 43 other days of Ken Done learning), there is something about the 'KD' here that doesn't look, well, Done enough.

The reason that I still wanted to showcase this piece is because of the "JD" next to the "KD." So now I get to bring up Judy Done (Ken's partner and a fashion designer). Check out her own fashion design skills here. The dress featured in this picture is a fashion-aspiration... ruffle skirt, 1980s, patterned, Done. Oh, yeah!


Sally said...

...and modelled by Tonia Bird-classic 80's model, the ants pants girl-"sick 'em Rex"!! Oh yeah!!

What Ken Be Done? said...

OMG Sally - this comment has made my day, I completely forgot her name, and that she was 80s famous... I'm reading your comment and it all comes flooding back! Tonia Bird... how about 2010 back in Done?!