Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 52/365

Today is the 19th day of the 8th month. So I'm celebrating today as 1980's day!

Featured is Ken Done red bag**, matched with influential and amazing 1980s Sydney Designer's Studibaker Hawk red jacket. Look closely at my jacket pocket to spot my original Ghostbusters patch too (film made in 1984, naturally).

** This KD bag has a great story behind it. The day before I started this whole WKBD shebang I was in Enmore, Sydney. I was walking past an op-shop and felt the 'Pull of Done' (soon to become a technical shopping term!). I decided that if I found Done in that op-shop it was a sign this project would do *good* and I must do it (because I was very, very nervous, see?). I walk in the store, and straight away spot this mint-condition bag. Then I walk up to the store staff, and they tell me this bag costs $5 dollars. Five dollars! Now that was a good day… and the rest, it's becoming history!

Thank you for being part of this *good fashion for good* movement…


Stef said...

loving these shoes!

T.C. said...

You look great Jackie. The pic of the bag looks like a set of big red lips.... Almost NSFW

Anonymous said...

Celebrating the 1980s only today.... so what have you been celebrating for the other 51 days... ?

anyway, im looking fwd to you breaking out some sizable shoulder pads, then youll be really celebrating the 80s.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Stef: three words to change a life, John Fluevog Shoes.

TC: Hey, ta, but of course I'm always suitable for work!

In fact given what Anon has said... I too feel like I should have turned up today 1980s content to *loud loud loud*... but I do have many many more days to do that too. Note to self: Must keep up 1980s energy at cracking pace... Must!

Anon: Sizeable shoulder pads. Check. Keep a look out :-)

Bill Murray said...

So what's the answer to this?

Who ya gonna call...?
A) ghostbusters, or
B) Ken, or
C) Sigourney.

Stef said...

Jackie - that is some dangerous information...but thankyou :-)

Xiao-Ming said...

The bag looks like a vagina