Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 53/365: First Featured Social Studio Ken Done Inspired Outfit!

I can't wait any longer... I need to share this *fantastic* dress made by young people from The Social Studio, using Ken Done fabric we found in an op-shop. All praise to the skills of Enayatullah for making this dress, and to Abuk for the design. Thank You, stylists!

(BTW, you may notice my backdrop change - that was because the fabric of my dress is the same as the usual WKBD backdrop, and I feared that might match just a bit too much! Are we really ready for full Ken Done camouflage?!!)

And below, I present the delight that is Sally's daughters Lilly and Pip. As it is Ken Done inspiration Friday, I feature Pip in Australian designer Maude Wilson's pink jumpsuit, and the kitsch inspired vintage Australia t-shirt showcased by Lilly. Lilly's black eye just makes it all the cooler!

Thanks girls so much... and I hope you carry the love of vintage Australian designers as you grow up too!


skb said...

Great photos of the next generation of kids in their Aussie designer style. With tomorrow being election day for the nation....ooh...can't wait to see what your showcase piece is to best epitomise Ken and all he has DONE for fashion in the "Wonderful Land of Oz" and gold again or some iconic skyline? Perhaps you could put your names on the ballot paper as a new force for the greater good...I'm sure all the DONE-nuts would vote 1 for you both!

Sally said...

What gorgeous girls I have! They are stoked to be on the 'puter. And yes they will continue to love vintage clothing (well, as long as I'm dressing them they will!!).

Stef said...

more John Fluevog Shoes?!?

Bec said...

Are we really ready for full Ken Done camouflage? YES WE ARE!