Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 54/365 (3)

This metaphor is potentially a long-bow, but my outfit today is to symbolise the political clash taking place right now on our Election Day!
You see I've been told all my life that red and pink *clash* and therefore should never be worn together. Clearly however, I take my cues from the fashion of Ken Done. So *snaps* for these KD glasses! These beauties are going to be featured often, often, often :-)
And in fact, these glasses are so popular already that the lovely Kathy Lamp (a woman I just met on a Sydney street, she was visiting from Perth) just had to try them on herself yesterday. I think Kathy looks great!

Thanks for playing WKBD, Kathy! Yet another winner in the *good fashion for good movement*


Bobby said...

I reckon Kathy should have her own blog. SHe can record the outcome of appraoching random strangers on the street. She's looks like fun!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Yeah, you can tell straight away Kathy knows how to have a good time: She looks so great in this photo! Soon it'll be your turn Bobby - ready to send in your own photo yet? :-)