Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 54/365 Stop Press: First Meeting with KEN DONE!

When I open my eyes, I'll really be standing next to Ken Done:
Ka-pow! Me and Ken Done! Yes, I got to meet the man himself yesterday afternoon. Now you can see why I was wearing my Ken Done doona turned into *rad* dress by The Social Studio. And Ken was mighty impressed! I gave him his very own TSS scarf too - he loved it!
But not only that - check out the box of goodies he gifted below. Titled the 'Jackie Box' this was Judy Done's idea... and everyone has been finding vintage Ken Done goodies for me to showcase, and then auction off to raise money for The Social Studio. Just wait 'til you see what's in here!

Things are just beginning to to warm up!


Kens Fan Club Pres said...

I love Ken
I love Judy
I love the Jackie Box
I love the Social Studio
That dress the TSS MADE IS HOT do you reckon they could make more????

Julia said...

yes yes surely Mr Done has some old fabric lying around (or Doona covers ;-) that could be made into TSS manufactured, Done designed dresess. I'd pay for such a unique pice for a good cause.
Go Jackie!

Sally said...

Rainbow with a pot of gold!

Xiao-Ming said...

Nice handwriting Judy - The Jackie Box.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Most exciting! I can't believe you met the great man himself! Love the dress too. Antonia x

Bec said...

snaps Jacks!
and snaps to the big man himself and his lovely Judy!
can't wait to see what gold comes out of that box...