Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 55/365

I'm putting on my game jumper today to rally our spirits for Australian democracy. Vote #1 The Social Studio! Give your preferences to Ken Done vintage gear! Have you taken the WKBD poll? Go to the bottom of this main page... (It's now in the grey section, and easier to read)

Re. outfit: nothing says 'Slacker Sunday' quite like a sloppy jumper paired with a 1980s long denim skirt... And technically I'm not being a slacker - I'm hoping this is my last weekend on my thesis!

*Shucks* - check out this great press I received today in Melbourne's Sunday Age. Oh, and just to clarify: I'm nowhere near 365 outfits... I still need your help with finding, lending and/or donating KD fashion, please!
Speaking of *good fashion* - here is the lovely Corrine spotted and photographed by my mate, Iain. Corrine is in a Jenny Kee Tee... can't get much better than that for a sunny day! Well Done, Corrine! And thanks Iain for your Kee-n eyes!


Bec said...

Great Press from Melbourne Sunday Age! Congratulations.

My everyday continues to be brightened up with a touch of Done. The Jenny Kee Tee is wonderful. Speaking of wish I have something for you. x

Bec said...

*oops *which*

Anonymous said...

Yay... so random! I am a friend of Corrine's and I commented on her top when I saw her at the pub when she was wearing this yesterday!
Great Blog. I LOVE Ken Done

Tony said...

You are beautiful. You can come up to me in a pub anytime you like.

skb said...

Congratulations Jackie on the fab article in Melbourne's Age newspaper - 4 photos with it too made it delightfully colourful and bright for a Sunday morning read. Keep up the amazing effort and here's to lots more donations of KD gear and $$ too! Xx

doc said...

Anon - I hope you have passed the blog details onto Corrine, I am sure she will love seeing herself here!

Jackie - fantastic article in the AGE, and super effort with meeting THE DONE ( said in my best godfather improv)

and just as a little after thought - my word verification for this comment = SASSI. very appropriate IMO

What Ken Be Done? said...

Hey thanks for all the lovely well wishes!

I do so hope that all the new and continuing *good* and *great* visitors to WKBD join us in the movement and help to support TSS one Ken Done item at a time! :-)

Get Sassy? Ken Do! I'm certainly taking some of my inspiration out of Corrine's book of style...

Xiao-Ming said...

Foxy look today miss. Sloppy Joe and long denim skirt. Smoking!