Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 59/365

This day has been 59 days in the making... but it's here now: a double, twin-Done day!

Thanks to David M's donation of this particular Ken Done scarf (styled yesterday), today I could pair in with my own same scarf! Accessory by Done and oh, another accessory by Done!

This fine shot is taken in a pokey motel room in Grafton. Greetings to you all from Northern NSW!


skb said...

I've got one of these exact same scarves to donate to you...must have been a very special vintage - they remind me a bit of the Qantas uniform for some reason though.

Big Prawn said...

what a beautiful frock. you have the best outfits and the splashes of Done are just a bonus!

What Ken Be Done? said...

SKB: that is *so* great to hear! My secret hope is to get up to like 5 of the same scarf... then the *fashion* really begins!

And yes, the design is like the Qantas off-sider Australian Airlines I think.

BP: Splashes of Done. I think I've just worked out my first fragrance name!!!