Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 60/365

There will be another photo soon, but for now: This is the outfit that I have worn as I have flown from Byron Bay to Sydney this morning, and then straight to the university to hand in my thesis. One MPhil thesis submitted! I'm delusional with excitement and how appropriate that my Ken Done inspired scarf is called Viva La Wombat!! Viva La Finish Studying!


Sally said...

Well Done! Kengratulations. Lots of love from Bali. Xxx

T.C. said...

Wow Jackie! You've got such style. You even managed to coordinate your thesis cover page with your nice dress. Viva la Ken. Viva la Jackie and viva la wearing your sunglasses in uni lectures.
Well DONE!

Yth Allowance King said...

I guess that's your thesis Done!
ha ha ha ha ha !

Fatso's Manager said...

I just realised something.
"Viva la" means "long live"

So there was a brand call Long Live the Wombat...?

How Australian. Long Live the Wombat!

Makes me think of 80s TV star, Fatso the wombat on A Country Practice..?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jackie!!!
A truly wonderful landmark on the wombat trail of your life.
David M

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jackie - incredible effort on the thesis and hope you have a fabulous celebration in honour of such an event. Viva la celebration!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Thanks to all for the super kind words and celebration! I still can't quite believe it that I *really* handed it in... Now much much MUCH more time to spend thinking about outfits :-)