Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 63/365

The first piece from the 'Jackie Box' gifted by Ken and Judy Done, and of course everyone at the Ken Done Gallery.
It might not be what you need on a Monday when heading back to work or school, but look at these amazing photos of dearest Sally showcasing a wonderful Ken Done scarf in her holiday in Bali. I love how she can go from using it as a bathing wrap to a more formal garment. Just goes to show why Ken Done scarves are a must for travel!


Anonymous said...

Sally's pics are great!

Can't wait to see more of the contents of your box, Jackie.

Namaste said...

Yeah I can't wait either. Done is just so VERSATILE

What Ken Be Done? said...

How fun are the photos from Sally?! Ken really is the Versatile King isn't he? It's the fashion that just keeps on *giving*!

Anonymous said...

Trans cultural Done. I approve
David M