Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 64/365

Fiery red to invigorate a Tuesday. I'm wearing a plum Ken Done CanTeen scarf with a vintage Fletcher Jones wool skirt. You know you're onto a winner when a skirt has front, square pockets!

Free on Wednesday morning in Melbourne? Go and see Grace McQuilten CEO of the Social Studio talk about their *fantastic* enterprise. And *good* luck for tonight's fashion show, TSS!


CEO said...

You do "The Retro Secretary' look so well

Rick said...

I will donate $100 for a date with you Jackie.

Anonymous said...

God Done it! I am in Melbourne, but $75 is a bit much for me. And I would look frumpy next to those socially aware fashion types.
David M

What Ken Be Done? said...

Rick: a couple of points -
1. That's not enough of a donation
2. I'm not that kind of gal
3. That's not enough of a donation! :-)

What Ken Be Done? said...

David M: you can't look frumpy - it's just not possible with your pizzaz! So enjoy fashion week x x

CEO: You might not have said it... but I'd love to think there is a *hint* of a Mad Men homage at work here! :-)