Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 65/365

Can you imagine how *good* I must have looked when I pulled out this wallet today at a Persian restaurant in the fine suburb of Fairfield? I look like an art teacher (in a vintage JAG 80s/90s dress, no less), and I'm holding a velcro Ken Done wallet. Stylin!
With exactly 300 days to go, I feel like a celebration. So I'm handing it over to Mindi for her second sent-in vintage photo (check out Day 50/365 if you haven't seen her first glorious submission yet).

Here is Mindi in her very own Ken Done jumper on her 9th birthday. Thank you Mindi, and friends, for showcasing what celebrating looked like in 1980s style!


Anonymous said...

i want to see a picture of Mindi now too! Wearing Done of course.
Jackie you do channel highschool staff well: librarians, art teachers, hopefully we'll see a P.E. teacher soon.

Anonymous said...

Go Mindi. You're a tops Done-or and Chief Done-nut!!