Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 66/365: First donated Ken Done item by socially-minded company

Imagine how *excited* I was when Vice magazine contacted me and offered to donate a 'Ken Done for Vice' limited edition t-shirt for WKBD. *Rock solid* Today I've matched it with a newer Carla Zampatti jacket and vintage Sportscraft velvet black skirt. Go Australian fashion, go!

I also got a chance to have a chat with Vice all about this project and about generating ongoing support from you all for The Social Studio. It's all about spreading the love!
These super hot t-shirts also donate part of their sale money to UNICEF.


JL said...

You are THE Style Queen of Australia.
I've loved every outfit so far and I can't wait for the ebay sales!

skb said...

Yay Vice! Jackie, I really love the elegance and sophistication of this outfit - the t-shirt paired with the jacket and skirt is a winner!

Xiao-Ming said...

Nice Vice

Antonia said...

I went to visit the Social Studio when I was in Melbourne earlier this week. They are doing some amazing work. So not only do we get to see Jackie wearing great fashion, I can testify that it truly is an inspiring and worthwhile cause. I can't believe how much Grace and the students have achieved in such a short time. Great stuff! Antonia x