Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 67/365

This vintage Australian shirt-jacket goes by the label 'Promenade.'

When I looked up the definition of promenade it includes, 'a walk - especially in public - as for pleasure or display.' How fitting! You know how much pleasure comes from displaying these 1980s Australiana designs, and in noting the multitude of brands Ken Done has inspired in Australia's fashion history (it's Inspiration-Friday today of course).

And now I'm off to promenade through the inner western suburbs of Sydney to catch up with friends, many of whom keep inspiring me to test just What Ken Be Done...
The Results of the *Best* Comment about What Ken Be Done in our Poll are:

Comments in the running:

1. Crazy woman wears Ken Done every day for one year to save refugees. So many ugly sweaters, is it worth it?

(Voted best by 30% of people)

2. Love your blog - my eyeballs are still hurting!

(Voted best by 20% of people)

3. Dear god. I’d rather do 365 dentist visits.

(Voted best by 2% of people)

4. I support the cause but not the means I'm afraid. It *is* too soon for retroappreciation of the travesties Done foisted on the cultural landscape.

(Voted best by 0 people)

But the *winner* comment is:

5. If you’re all “HOLY SHIT, MY MIND HAS BEEN TOTALLY BLOWN BY THIS IDEA” like I am, then you should click on the link below and see how you can make a difference.

(Voted best by 38% of people)


Ducky said...

you look *good* when you do superhero poses, like today.

Anonymous said...

Are you cold? your legs are blue!

birdmonkey said...

wow! great outfit- I think its my number #1 so far.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Crack up Anon on the blue legs joke - the shot does help my legs look a little ghoulish doesn't it?!

Birdmonkey - hey super thanks for the feedback. Number #1 - that's high praise for a high waisted green shorts ensemble!