Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 68/365 (2)

"I love it when a plan come together." September is filled with my wonderful friend's birthdays. Tonight I'm off to a surprise birthday party, and the best news is I'm also wearing my beloved Birthday Suit leggings for the first time!

Australian artist collective The Kingpins have created Birthday Suit as their fashion label (it debuted September 4 2008). These babies are stirrups too! "I love it when a plan come together."


reliving the 80's one vinyl at a time said...

love the birthday suit leggings!

Anonymous said...

that's the longest leg I have ever seen. well Done!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Birthday suit *rock*... I wish, I wish I had more of their stuff to showcase... they have seriously nailed beautiful leotards and leggings!

I love this leg shot too - I felt like the first photo just didn't capture how *excellent* these leggings are! It's hard not to want to just wear them all the time :-)