Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 68/365

A rainy day in spring requires I pull out my Ken Done umbrella.

(Those people with an attention to detail, notice how it is the same matching motif from Day 40/365)
And the fun with the Ken Done glasses continue. Round of applause for our lovely models, Bec and Janet. Do you notice how people tend to pull faces in these glasses - almost as if to show how ludicrous they are - everyone except me, that is! :-)


T.C. said...

bad hair day, Jackie?

skb said...

Hope you accessorised with the *bright* matching parrot earrings...just to help pull the outfit together a bit!

What Ken Be Done? said...

No bad hair day, TC. It's more that I wanted people to see the glory of Done 100%... and I assume people are getting pretty to used to what my mug looks like each day :-)

SKB - what a shame my head is covered... I guess it does mean you all missed my *gigantic* bird earrings that go past my shoulders!!