Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 73/365: First sighting of Lee Lin Chin (The Social Studio Patron and Australian Fashionista)

The final day showcasing Sarah's Ken Done scarves... this is the fourth in the collection which she has so generously lent me. Well Done, Sarah!

I'm going with more earthy tones today. These pants are made by Jodie, a fantastic upholsterer - and yes - the fabric itself is actually for soft-furnishings and couches! For those who care to look more closely, check out my shoes too... they were the only thing I could afford at Aussie designer Alastair Trung's QVB shop (and they were even on sale!).
Look at these in-situ photos sent in from one of my WKBD agents - it's Lee Lin Chin looking glamorous and iconic at Customs House, Sydney. Lee Lin is a *huge* supporter of The Social Studio, recently hosting their Melbourne Fashion Week Gala. So many reasons to love her! I wonder what she would make of my glasses?!


Maxwell Smart said...

gee whiz, have you got your agents stalking well dressed Fashionistas...? It looks like your agent was hiding behind a pole to take those shots.

Anonymous said...

Another great outfit from you Jackie. I love your soft furnishings.