Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 76/365 (2): First meeting with Ken's cousin AND more donations!

Look at the concentration on my face! This is my meeting with Christine today. Christine is Ken's cousin and she worked in the Ken Done store for over twenty years. I got an email from Christine this week inviting me over to meet her as she wanted to donate some of her own KD items to What Ken Be Done. Yes please!

Here is just a handful of photos as Christine and her husband Peter, share some of their KD collection. These items are not donated to WKBD, but I still wanted to share them with you for a Sunday afternoon delight. Enjoy!
1. The 2000 Sydney Olympics gift box for all the people who attended the opening ceremony. Love the Ken Done postcard stickers!
2. Original 1988 Ken Done Bicentennial commemorative sports coat. Check that interior design! And, although you can't see it here, trust me, it has the upside down "Down Under" scrawled across the back.
3. Ken Done gold jewellery... even the little fish have an original Ken Done signature!

4. This is me looking with delight and complete thanks for the donations from Christine. Now I'm not showcasing what she has given yet - we've got days and days to feature these beauties in my daily blog! OMG!!!
5. Christine, Peter and me. We had a wonderful time together, not least of all because Christine calls Ken 'Kenneth'. Love it! Thank you both so *very* much for your generosity! Christine and Peter also do a whole heap of their own *good work* helping children who need medical aid in Bali. Truly lovely and inspirational Aussies. (And Peter makes a mean cup of tea!)

And, for all you KD art fans out there, check out how Ken's artwork has evolved since the 70s. This is an original work of his, signed and dated 1970 (Judy Done is the lady in the background).
And now a decade later, look at this 1981/2 original work. The Ken Done artist we know and love is born in fluro, graphic designer, Australiana detail!
I have a champagne in my hand as I press publish. What a *lucky, lucky* Sunday I'm having!

*good fashion* *good people* *good times* all for the *good* of The Social Studio.


Anonymous said...

well DONE! Christine & Peter.

Jilly said...

I want Pete to make me a cup of tea too! They look like they're alot of fun and great to hear they do stuff in bali too.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jackie, this is fabulous - it looks like a great afternoon and can't wait to see the goods on the blog - amazing work.

What Ken Be Done? said...

So much fun for us all! Ken Done wherever, whichever way we looked!

We had such a blast with Christine and Peter. They are so supportive of WKBD and The Social Studio... I'd love for *you* to supportive too! :-)