Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 82/365: Celebration of Linda Jackson: Day 4

I tried posting my photo this morning, but the computer wouldn't play. So I saw it as a sign that I should get out and about into the day, and find somewhere *more fun* for my daily post.

Here's me at Gould's Bookshop in Newtown. Anyone who knows this place knows just what a great secondhand store this is (even if it feels like being in a deathtrap if someone started a fire!). I was there looking for a particular book to gift to a dear friend. We had no luck, but I did happen to find The Muppet Show comic book from 1970. Delightful!

So a lovely day in sunny Sydney with Linda Jackson's *amazing* bag.
How Is It Done? Day by day by day... for 365 of them!


Lyn said...

how is it Done, Jackie?

John said...

great shots today jackie

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyn: It's done with (1) supporters like you, (2) people willing to donate and lend, (3) everyone having a laugh, (4) the undeniable fact that Ken Done made quite a *lot* of stuff! and (5) knowing we are all doing it for the *great* cause of The Social Studio!

John: Thanks. I was talking to someone about the whole fire-pit thing in the bookshop and they gently reminded me that paper is a slow burn - it doesn't explode - so I should be really fine in the case of a fire. I just love that they didn't laugh off my odd thinking!