Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 83/365: Celebration of Linda Jackson: Day 5

It's another Sunday at my yoga school learning anatomy and physiology. Therefore today I'm practising 'less is more' in the fashion stakes - which really is an anathema to me! I'm interested in how one can use colours like orange and pink to bring out browns. Thankfully I have one of Linda Jackson's bags to ground me - and quite literally - with earthy tones, and a natural leaf design.


Anonymous said...

Always so stylish.

Anonymous said...

That outfit is just dying for a photo shoot on a rainforest floor. Leaf-litter chic. I like!
David M

What Ken Be Done? said...

"Rainforest floor AND leaf-litter chic": you are a fashion *genius* David M!

Anon: You really are too kind... I'm not convinced this outfit has any much style at all... I've not yet worked out how to pull off 'sports chic' without buying those crazy high priced brands... they even ruined velour tracksuits!!