Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 87/365: Celebration of Linda Jackson: Day 9

Linda + Leather = Love It!

This green leather dress - which I'm wearing more as a jacket - is stunning, stunning, stunning. Just not enough is done with green leather in fashion, I think.

And many thanks to the wonderful Charlie for letting me know about the exciting snippet on What Ken Be Done in The Big Issue recently. The Big Issue is a shining light in social enterprise and offering work opportunities to people. I'm absolutely chuffed to have their endorsement!


Tom said...

Simple yet strangely compelling. Thank you Jackie.

birdmonkey said...

oh wow!! amazing dress. I have a green leather 80's knee length skirt. but it's not as wild as that dress.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Tom: Simple... just doesn't seem much like me, does it?! xo

Birdmonkey: Go on... please send in a photo of you wearing the green leather skirt and some random KD item... The *answer* is green leather! :-)