Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 91/365

Blue Monday. One of the best 80s songs. Here's hoping we all groove away the day... especially the Nursing Ken Done-ettes in hospital! I wear navy and a Canteen scarf today to give you lovelies the nod of fashion approval xo

Their scrubs might be a plain blue, but these talented ladies have still shown how we can all do *good fashion for good*
And check out one of my vintage charity pins to support NSW disability organisations. By the looks of the back of this brooch, it's made sometime around the 1950s... love the design art and the *good cause*


James said...

those Ladies ken nurse me any time.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work theatre nurses!! Perhaps you can start a new trend in the OR! xx

Anonymous said...

i just love your cardi top!!. im not really a fan of the 80's look or even Ken Done BUT....suddenly i find myself checking your blog daily to see what youre up to and see Ken Done-esk creations in the op shops and smile to myself and think of you. You ROCK the 8o's girl!!! xx kel

What Ken Be Done? said...

James / Anon: Nurse fashion... more, more we all say! And why? Well look at the equation - helping, fashion, helping. It's smarts and style - that's all *good*!

Kel: Hey thanks thanks for such a lovely message... especially considering the non-love of 1980s and Ken Done. Perhaps it's the compelling pull of so many *bad/good* elements... And don't be afraid to share the story... TSS wins out every time we keep telling their story xo