Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 92/365

Ken Done and Diane Freis. Now Diane Freis is actually an American-born designer working out of Hong Kong - but when you think of 1980s fashion - she's pretty hard to ignore. My blouse is Diane doing diamonds.

The Ken Done bag featured today has its original tags and is called the 'East/West Tote'. See-through plastic totes... yet another design highlight in the fashion stakes!
A friend recently gifted me a Vogue Australia September 1986. Here is Diane Freis meets the Gold Coast. That hat is a ripper, and I hope you have a "ball" today!


Anonymous said...

noice Jackie noice

joanna said...

liking your look at the moment

skb said...

Hey Jackie - You've opened my eyes to the world of navy tights paired with red attire - a really great look! xx

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: the Paradise Centre is pretty Fountain Gate, don't you think? I love it!

Joanna / SKB: I think I'm on some kind of primary colours bender at the moment - so glad you're enjoying! xo