Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 94/365

This bag was dropped off directly to The Social Studio in Collingwood, Melbourne by a wonderful person who wanted to support WKBD and TSS. Well (Ken) Done, you!

And do you think when this person donated the Ken Done bag they imagined it would end up in quite the clash of colours it does today? I feel a bit like a walking eye-sore... in a fashionable way, of course!


T.C. said...

never an eye sore

Skb said...

Hey Jackie - very considerate if you to change the background for today to the more 'muted' one, as the regular one combined with that outfit may have tipped us all over the edge for a Friday morning!!

What Ken Be Done? said...

SKB: Check. And you can never say I'm not thoughtful for fellow Done-ers... this is about doing *good* not making your eye ball bleed (too much!) :-)

Oh T.C. no wonder Thomas Magnum loves you as much as he does - you're a true charmer! xo