Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 125/365

Ken Done jumper (donated Christine), vintage Hawaiian swimming trunks (stolen by me from my partner), hand-made leg-warmers (from Jessica), Puma high-tops (also stolen from my partner) and hand-made skull bracelet from Jo Waite.

It's beginning to get too humid in Sydney to wear Ken Done poly/cotton gear... so I thought I'd get this oversize jumper (lovingly donated by Cousin Christine) out the way by wearing it for my last Anatomy class. I tell you what, studying for 6 hours on a Sunday does my head in a bit. You might be able to tell it also impacts my fashioning ability to pull together a 'special' outfit for yo'all. Not helped by the fact that I have run late every single time for class in trying to pump out a post when not feeling as usually KD inspired as I would like :-(
I don't know what Aussie readers of this blog think, but I don't reckon we are so big on Halloween in this country (especially compared to the UK and US). Still, I'm marking the day with my beautifully constructed hand-made skull bracelet by Melbourne artist and friend, Jo Waite.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 124/365

The reason for my later post today? Well, I wanted to show this Ken Done kaftan top in both 'a.m.' and 'p.m.' style.

So I start early this morning outside Alexander's Bakery in Rockdale. This Balkan bakery comes well recommended for not only burek, but also donuts (or should I say Done-nuts!) old-school style. Oh, and did I mention Rockdale has some very good op shops too? Fun times, for all! We went as far as Cronulla today on our road-trip and there will be some celebrations to share :-)
Vintage hoop earrings from Shag (Melbourne), op-shop bought necklace, Ken Done kaftan top (found in Newtown markets by my mate Bec!), Levi jeans from US, Birkenstocks.

And now, a more 'p.m.' style of the Ken Done kaftan top. And the lesson is? Whatever the time of day, Ken Done works!
Vintage hoop earrings from Shag (Melbourne), Ken Done kaftan top, vintage Saba dress, vintage Amina shoes made in Australia (and found by me in Tasmania about 11 years ago!).

And the day after bandanna day, a lovely shot of my own Canteen Ken Done scarf collection drying on our line. And yes, I can always do with more!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 123/365: We're over 1/3 way through WKBD!

Ken Done glasses, hand-made earrings and necklace, art-deco bat brooch as necklace, beads donated by Aimee, vintage Holeproof leotard, MK One knit bolero from a thrift store in Bath (UK), Desert Designs vintage 80s silk skirt donated from Aimee, Canteen scarf as belt, Fluevogs (bought on sale, Sole Devotion, Melbourne).

Day 123 in front of house 123!

This house also proves to be a beauty in being 'urban-desert' orange, which matches perfectly with my Desert Designs skirt and long orange and white beads donated by Aimee. What generosity! What *good fashion* support of *good fashion for good*

And what am I up to today? Well, actually, it's all about numbers again. I'm off to see my accountant. And I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure this outfit shows that I mean *business* :-)
Want to know more about Desert Designs? Well read here (FYI, start by searching Jimmy Pike on the page). But in short, all hail Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike - from the Kimberley region - who started his design work in the 1980s in Fremantle, WA. Jimmy sure has an eye for colour, design and the 1980s vibe...
And below, a closer look at the orange and white beads from Aimee. But really it was also about sharing 'Blinky' with you. This is my favourite brooch, from the art deco period, and thus missing one eye over the years. He was given to me by my beloved partner, also another West Australian gem!
Oh, and for all of those of you with keen eyes, around my waist is a Canteen scarf, my small homage for bandana day today. Thanks to a few of the WKBD Done-nuts who let me know this. *Good* work to Canteen who do *great* work for a good cause too! Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 122/365

Jean Lafont glasses, Tatty Devine Pearly Kings & Queens brooch (as necklace), Ken Done scarf, op-shop bought black dress, Fluevog boots (eBay).

It's the kind of day where I feel the focus needs to be on the Ken Done scarf, and not much else. Or perhaps it's me that needs the focus after a big, fun time yesterday :-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 121/365

Hand-made necklace (I even made the beads from clay myself!), Sportscraft top & Howard Showers waistcoat (op shop finds, and I attached the decal to the waistcoat from an old dress), vintage dress gifted by woman called Susan (over 6 years ago), Leona Edmiston stockings, Fluevogs (eBay).

I'm off to a work picnic today, so I've taken the Ken Done picnic-style tote. This *lovely* tote has been donated by my sister-in-law Susan, who has developed quite a keen eye for all that is 'Done'... so much so that when my brother James and her were recently at the Olsen Hotel in Melbourne she made him pose for a photo when they found a Ken Done 'bible' in the lobby! They commented, 'Ken Done is everywhere!' Did I forget to mention he started his career in advertising, people?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 120/365

"Cassette in my pocket and I'm gonna use it - stereo! ... I am a girl who demands that her love is amplified..."
Ken Done glasses, hand-made earrings, Ken Done Canteen scarf, anchor necklace from Santa Barbara, American Apparel bodysuit, Jane Davenport cardigan, Diesel denim skirt, op-shop bought boots. Featuring old-school Awai walkman from Super-Baba & Dziadzia in Melbourne.

Time to mark the end of the Sony Walkman. While reading today's post, I suggest you listen to this celebration of the 80s, walkmans, and general 'cheese'. Wired for Sound, as I'm wired to Ken Done!
And just to make sure we are in the mood, check out these vintage 80s photos sent in from super *star* Sally, Jan and Baby Max in 1984. Jan, I *love* your Ken Done style!
Below baby Max, now a little older, with a family friend wearing the infamous 'Down Under' polyfleece jumper. I don't know about you, but I can see a slight resemblance to Cliff Richard. Yep, it's all about seeing the patterns.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 119/365

Glasses bought in Japan, Ken Done kaftan top, Enjoji pants (op shop) and Camper boots (on sale, from Sole Devotion Melbourne)

I'm taking a moment to replenish my energy with the metaphorical 'retreat' motif on another Cousin Christine-donated Ken Done kaftan top. Then again, perhaps I'd just like to stay on holiday for many more days! But back to work, and time to begin getting excited about Ms Koori Love's event this Wednesday night. If you're in Sydney, come along and celebrate this sassy, special lady and her cause!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 118/365

Ken Done glasses, Diane Freis dress (op shop), Ken Done overnight bag (eBay), Bally shoes.

When travelling in Melbourne, my usual packing style is to have a repeat outfit for the last day to minimise my luggage. Experience tells me that if (actually I really mean, when) I find something new in the Victorian op-shops, I can try that out instead. So today I happily present to you a Diane Freis number, bought for $6.99 in Frankston yesterday. I think the colouring goes perfectly with my 1986 Ken Done overnight bag. This baby came from the US via eBay for a steal. And check out Ken's signature on this bag: it's the whole deal with his full name, sun-light detail, copyright mark AND year!
I thought this photo captured well the full 80's 'frou frou' of Diane Freis style...
Karen from Alice Euphemia sent me a wonderful, supportive email when I started What Ken Be Done. So I dropped by this gorgeous store on Friday to say hello. Unfortunately, Karen wasn't there, but I did get to meet a lovely woman by the name of Victoria. When we talked about my project she let me know she just happened to have a Jenny Kee bag with her that day. Well, everyone agreed a special photo was in order!
So *thank you* Victoria for your great look, and the sharing of your beautiful Kee bag. You, and this store (including *amazing* Birthday Suit stock!) are well worth celebrating!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 117/365

Ken Done glasses, Saba skivvy (sample sale), with Miss Sixty silk jacket , Saba skirt and Bally shoes - all bought at op shops.

Yesterday in Melbourne it was 30 degrees, sunny and warm. Today it is 15 degrees, with rain and grey skies. Sounds like the Melbourne weather we all know and love! But I will not have my spirits dampened - especially after yesterday seeing The Social Studio and meeting all the *great* people who work there.

Today I'm in the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park in Langwarrin. Having seen the rather operatic collar on my Miss Sixty silk jacket, another op-shop find, my Mom suggested taking my photo next to a statue of the late, great Dame Joan Sutherland within the Gallery grounds. As you can see, I was only too happy to oblige. Go the Dame! I only hope that I can get my hair that *big* one day.

And here we have Zindzi modelling the Ken Done scarf featured today. Lovely Bec has donated this scarf to What Ken Be Done, and as a dog-lover, I'm sure she'll be happy with the show here. Thanks Bec for all your *good* support!
By the way, my 'live-in photographer' for the WKBD project commented that Zindzi was the easiest subject for the project so far as she obeys commands. I'm not convinced of the joke...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 116/365: I've been to The Social Studio! They are *AMAZING*

I'm so sorry for the late post... but here I am in Melbourne at The Social Studio! at 128 Smith Street, Collingwood.

I got to meet everyone today from TSS and saw for myself just how *wonderful* their work is. So enjoy some fun photos of this amazing social enterprise, and understand why they will benefit from all our support! I can't tell you how exciting it has been to see it all, and know that every dollar we raise will be used for *good, good* purpose. Hooray!

Look! ... they even made me Ken Done inspired cupcakes!
Can't you see just how much I am smiling at getting to meet some of the beautiful people working out of The Social Studio today:
With the design of their store it is a joy to be in. Look how good they are with space, recycled products, and colour, colour everywhere! There is even a cafe for people to come and visit. The cupcakes are *highly* recommended.
Yes, I've Done some shopping here. Yes, I'm *very* happy with my buys, and even more *excited* to share the Social Studio clothing-experience with you. Love it. Support it.
And now, a more 'straight' post - with Ruby-Lou the Poodle of Frankston - and my inspired outfit today:
Ken Done glasses, hand made earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, op-shop bought hand tailored jacket (technically, my Friday-inspired choice piece), Ken Done / The Social Studio remixed doona dress, Lacoste boots (on sale, sample).

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 115/365

Ken Done glasses (eBay), Ken Done scarf (donated), vintage dress from Tasmania, Tatty Devine measuring tape belt, Ken Done bag (op shop) painted stockings, Bally shoes from op shop.

OK, I'm going to come clean. This whole outfit has actually been created around my new, Italian-made, leather equestrian Bally shoes that I found in an op-shop last weekend for $8! I know it hasn't been entirely about Ken Done today, but it is an example of the small victories I like to celebrate in vintage *gold* in op-shops.

So thank *goodness* Cousin Christine donated not one, but two Ken Done napkins to augment my look today!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 114/365

Dress by Aero (bought op shop), cloud brooches bought Cairns Art Gallery, Ken Done vintage scarf (donated), vintage Witchery belt (bought op shop), vintage ring, stockings by Jonathan Aston, Fluevog shoes (eBay).

I feel in a very lucky position when I can't remember who exactly donated this scarf to me. Was it Bec, or was it Sally? They both are such supporters of WKBD, that when they recently found some Ken Done scarves, all of us were very excitable. But in the meeting up with them, I can't recall who actually handed over this one. So *thanks* to you both! This KD baby comes from the Newtown Vinnies, and finding Ken Done there was a real treat!

I also wanted to show off my ring today. It was gifted to me by my partner's Mum. The ring was hers in the 70s, and I feel right chuffed to be the recipient of this, so thanks Pam! xo