Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 101/365

This Ken Done bag is hilarious. I'm hoping you can see that in the second shot, the 'Done' is actually upside down. Potential design fault? No! I'm arguing this is for the Ken Done style fan who, when going about their daily business, can look down at the bag and feel hope, joy and brand security when they can read 'Done' for themselves the right way up. This bag is not about other people looking at the bag, it's all about the wearer knowing it's style themselves!
And check out this great shot. On the right is Kristy - who the day after her wedding - held an 1980s celebration party. She, of course, came in Ken Done! So for Kristy it was two days of *good fashion for good* Love it! Next, let's find a KD wedding dress itself! Thanks so much to Kristy for sharing the photo, and to my wonderful sister-in-law Sonja, for sending it in xo
Finally, *super thanks* to all of you who added something extra to The Social Studio bank balance yesterday. And also, I'll be loading up more Ken Done eBay items tonight too... sorry, yesterday I was basking in reaching the century mark... and quite lost my head :-)


birdmonkey said...

my interpretation of the Done upside-down, is that it was a play on some of the upside-down 'down under' things he was doing at the time. Loved your look yesterday!

Peter said...

Jackie you've taught me how to wear purple and how to wear dresses. Extaordinary talents.

What Ken Be Done? said...

birdmonkey: I'm liking your theory. We're making a good argument about how this clearly was NOT a design fault! We *really* should get a job with the Done company, I think :-)

Peter: Chanks. Can't wait to see your photo sent in of you wearing a Ken Done purple dress. xo