Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 102/365

So today when I'd decided upon my outfit to show you all just how inspired I felt, my partner took one look, and kind of jumped backwards... I think therefore I've achieved high impact Ken Done inspiration in a form that includes one very busy 1980s Diane Freis silk shirt. And let's be honest, with my highlighter yellow legs, the whole outfit is busy!

Our location today is a very Australian house quite near where we live... check out this shot for these highlights: a sun-bleached Australian flag, plastic cockatoos, jumping fish on the wall, a sailboat house number, and an old-school 'Beware of the Dog' sign... all of it in the base Ken Done colour palette of yellow and white.

What's harder to see is that the guy who lives here leaves up his rooftop 'Merry Christmas, Happy New Year' neon sign all the year round. Classic. No wonder I feel I'm on In Love Street...
And just in case there's not enough inspiration or love for you today, there are four more items of Ken Done eBay gold you can make you very own:


Partner said...

Todays outfit did not make me jump backward. It merely made me raise an eyebrow and remain silent. I have been spending quality time with you for long enough to expect such colour and livery on a daily basis.
In admiration of your efforts.
- Partner

Anonymous said...

I think jumping backward is quite a restrained and muted response to today's outfit - if nothing else, it is a brave choice - all power to you in the name of charity!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Partner: sure, sure. Re-write what you think happened, but I definitely saw a kind of fashion horror in your eyes! xo xo

Anon: "brave choice" - now that's the kind of quote I like... perhaps another way of saying, 'what the hell are you thinking lady?!!' :-)

Willie said...

In the first photo you wear that bag like we Scottish men like to wear a sporran.

Well Done.

birdmonkey said...

wild outfit
love it- I think your outfits are definately more playful now spring has sprung