Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 103/365

Yesterday in a Buddhist op-shop (love it!), I found these braces. They are proper, proper braces... and I have been looking for a pair for years now. Hallelujah! So I've constructed a whole outfit to celebrate braces. Thank goodness, then, that I have this *darling* Ken Done bag that has been generously lent to me by Jo. And how lucky that I had an 80's stone-wash denim skirt too. I tell you, hoarding can pay off sometimes! :-)
Now also feast your eyes on two very important things here: (1) the wonderful man in the middle is my friend and Australian artist David Lever. Yes, he is wearing Ken Done. And (2) surrounding him is his quirky and fabulous art... this is part of his collection focusing on vintage dolls. Aren't they beautiful in a mischievous, great way? I already own some and love them! David and I are in talks about him selling off some of his collection to help raise money for The Social Studio and WKBD, so let me know what you think of his work. Owning art like this truly gets a conversation started in my experience!
P.S. It was David that lent me the Jenny Kee on Day 95/365. See, love him.


Shauna said...

Wow Jackie, you know lots of cool people. Davids art looks amazing i like the girl top left in pink and is that a kewpie too (sp?) Has he painted you?

Lyndel said...

LOVE your outfit today.. bag suits it perfectly.
David's art is great, I so remember those 'sailor' dolls you could get on the big P&O Liners like the Orsova, Oronsay etc.. with the ship's name on the hatband.

Anonymous said...


What Ken Be Done? said...

So we're all agreed then, David is grrrreat!

JeTaimeVintage said...

A very suitable ode to some awesome braces, you must cheer lots of people up everyday with you great colourful clothes!