Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 104/365: Day 10 Month 10 Year 10

Phew! Its been a busy weekend and so I'll let the photos do most of the talking... Here I am at the base of the Captain Cook statue in Hyde Park. Its been re-Done in Ken Done. A bit like me really.
My Ken Done pants were donated by Cousin Christine. Poly-cotton pedal pushers: oh, yeah.
These photos are from Art & About: The Sydney Statues Project. Reliving the 80s as Art. Check out Captain Cook's cape designed by Ken Done:
But of course there is much more to Australia's history than just the Captain, so it is *great* to see Bronwyn Bancroft's prayer flags at the base of the statue:
Now here's Linda Jackson's Queen Victoria. Love it, Linda.
Don't I look in my element?!
And after all that excitement, my first (very quick) live-spotting of another Ken Done wearer (her bag).
We now cross to Melbourne for news of two very special Done-Nuts. First my sister-in-law, Susan, who completed the Melbourne Half-Marathon today. Check out the Ken Done scarf she is wearing. And she helped to raise money for WKBD with her run. Hooray!
Second is my bro Charles who completed the 10 kilometre version. It's not the type of marathon I could run; I prefer a different long-distance challenge! But is that a Ken Done t-shirt, Charles? You betcha! I'm just loving this support :-)
And speaking of nuts...
Here's my friends, Tori and Evan at last night's Sydney Roller Derby. Don't you just love how 'boys' and 'girls' can wear the same things these days? This twin-ning fashion choice by them wasn't even planned. It may not be Done, but they sure make a winning combination! Later that night, the Sydney Roller Derby guards wanted to check that my purse really was Ken Done. (You can also see he's a WKBD fan by his 1980s-style fluro collar!)
So this weekend has been a perfect 10 all round. Now for the champers. Happy Sunday! xo


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Lyndel said...

Fantastic ! as usual. I do love Linda's QV, Waratah's being my #1 favourite flowers.

Julia said...

really? they didn't plan to dress the same?
great post Jackie.

Sally said...

10/10 superb!!

doc said...

A fantastic week!

Today's look has been my fav of you in KD - but day 102 really was so so special that I was super happy not to run into you (but ya know I love ya)!!!

Loving it - I love how you have inspired so many of us to become DONE - NUTS (Finally a nut that I'm not allergic to :D) !!

FYI - David is such a HERO!! I think his ART makes a great addition to this game!!