Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 106/365

I'm looking bemused because every time I wear this shirt, I *love* the idea that it is a neon pink shirt by RM Williams. This clothing is truly 'country' Australia, and Williams himself apparently went from a "bushman and swagman, to entrepreneur and millionaire" through his clothing label. And do you know the reason for his success? It wasn't the great quality horse-riding boots. It was neon pink shirts. Fair dinkum!

Brighter than bright Ken Done Canteen scarf, matching neon shirt and skinny-leg blue jeans all aglow. Speaking of clothing: don't forget this is your last chance to bid on the first handful of the WKBD Ken Done eBay items that will be auctioned off tonight (see Day 100/365 and Day 102/365). Own your own piece of history :-)

And finally, *thanks thanks* to GoGet for their lovely newsletter article on WKBD. I can't tell you how much of a fan I am of car-sharing... well Done on you, GoGet!


Anonymous said...

i cant beleive i'm going to say this but..... its an incredibly plain outfit.

By your standards. Still hot, but unexpected

Lyndel said...

it's great, and truly understated 'KD'.. but 2 days in a row with solid colours?

Liz said...

You're so right Lyndel, Jackie always looks so pretty in outfits which have lots of patterns. Sometimes she even makes clashing patterns work. I'm too old for such brightness now, but we do love watching this blog!
Go Jackie!


Skb said...

Hey Jackie - I must have been 'channelling' you as I walked past the 'Canteen' head office outside the Royal Children's Hospital today in Melbourne and 1) instantly thought of you and KD and 2) nearly took a photo ofmtheir brightly colored sign! Then i saw your post and it was definitely a sign of what you would be putting up! Xx

What Ken Be Done? said...

SKB: Oh, I always *love* a Ken Done story happening live... thanks for sharing x

As for the rest? 'Plain Ken Done' ... is that possible?! But I must say I'm amazed at the critiquing of my clothing style... I had NO idea I'd done two days of solid colour...

Time to step it up notch I feel!