Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 108/365

In 1986 the Pop Swatch was released. I've crafted my very own Pop Swatch into a necklace, and today have a 1980s bird motif amongst the flowers of a Ken Done midriff. Midriff? Can you get any more 80s?!!

And your plans for Thursday night? Bid on Ken Done eBay gems! Check out Day 102/365 to see what is on offer with direct links to this KD gold on eBay. I assure you, *Fun* for all!


Anonymous said...

Pop swatch LOL! I had one of them in primary school.

Lyndel said...

oh that is one great outfit, and the PopSwatch just sets it off perfectly!

L.T.R said...

Jackie, when you wear those glasses I can't think of you as anything but a super hero! They're like goggles!


Maybe you should have a competition to devise your superhero name (and outfit!)

Anonymous said...

When I could only see your top half, I was really hoping you were in genie pants. I Dream of Done-e.
Maybe next time.
The pop swatch is a highlight, though. I still remember hearing the radio ad for the first time.
David M

Anonymous said...

The librarian look again...with a touch of the hippy mixed in with it, and then the 80s with the pop swatch...truly a look that spans decades!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Hey check out this Pop Swatch ad:

And there's another one filmed in Hawaii. Everything that is 80s and *cool* : Pop Swatch, Skating old-school style, big white socks, leotards, Hawaii. I could just go on :-)

And fashion with an 'I Dream of Jeannie' twist - classic!

Love and Kisses, the Super Done Librarian xo