Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 109/365

I can't even explain what exact part in this outfit is inspired by Ken Done... all I can tell you is that I feel *very inspired* in it all!

Reason for the later post: today I visited my lovely hairdresser David, at Bedrock in Newtown. I loved it when I said to David, 'Can you make my hair as big as possible?' (I was wanting to really embody *inspired* And let's face it - this jumpsuit needs big hair!) I don't know what you think, but I certainly feel like he achieved the task! As an old bloke at the bus-stop sarcastically muttered as I wandered by, "I like it - subtle..."
Want to see David for yourself? Check out the Ken Done coaster-eater on Day 96/365. Winner!


Anonymous said...

about time. i've been waiting all friday for your post. you have not dissappointed me.

when are you breaking out the bike pants that I saw on your facebook page today?

Lyndel said...

Oh I love the Boots... what a statement they make. Perfect for a Big Hair Day! looks great.

T.C. said...

will you marry me?

Anonymous said...

Took one look at today's outfit and jumped back from the computer screen...amazing look today...very subtle indeed!

birdmonkey said...

Is that a Monsoon jumpsuit?