Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 110/365

It's a *good* thing that Cousin Christine donated two of these super-strong Ken Done totes (see Day 77/365 for the first showcased one). They are so very handy on our Saturday morning op shop hunts. You'll see from the second picture that we were not disappointed in our charity shopping today. (Well the only down side was not finding Ken Done gold, but we still did manage a few Aussie gems and some really good buys which I'll be showcasing soon.)

The other exciting news is Christine has sent What Ken Be Done even more Ken Done goods. And as those of you following WKBD on Facebook know, the new collection does include KD bike-shorts!! I'm already getting very excited at this idea... and was so ecstatic in fact that I busted out my own vintage Aussie bike-pants today just to warm me up. Kaftan and bike-pants - I love Saturdays!


Chris said...

i've never seen a train station look so glamorous.
for that matter, i've never seen bike pants look so hot either.
thanks for brightening everyday.

New Fan said...

Glamourous indeed. I look forward to the next 200 days.

-New Fan