Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 111/365: She's got her very own Judy Done dress!

Got to literally run out the door for anatomy class. No time for chit chat. Although there is time to link to this - you know you want it!
And the real news is meet Aimee. Yes, she is really wearing her very own Judy Done dress (you may remember I posted this image on Day 44/365)! You are witnessing history here, people.
And for those of you who have a moment longer than me, revel in this true story from Aimee...

I was doing some research on my favourite dress and found your site. A while ago I bought this dress by Judy Done. It is so stunning, the print and construction are amazing, and cannot wear it anywhere without getting heaps of comments. It probably is one of my favourite dresses I own (and I have a seriously huge special vintage collection).

When I visited Melbourne for my birthday, long story, but I got attacked by a group of tram inspectors when I was trying to protect my mother from being roughly handled (we where in the right and got a long apology for it all) and they jumped on my back as I was leaving a tram and my dress got ripped across the shoulder. I was pretty gutted but have been trying to find other dresses by her as its so great and have found it almost impossible to find a single thing!

Do you know much about this label? I guess she didn't design for very long? Just interested in finding out more to help me with my search for other designs by her! Thanks so much for your time and any help is appreciated!

So if you know anything, please let Aimee know. (And we wonder why tram conductors have been replaced by automated machines in Melbourne. Clearly the machines understand *good fashion* better than the human conductors!!). Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure who is cuter, you or the smiley koala.

Anonymous said...

nice leg warmers

nice frock Aimee