Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 114/365

Dress by Aero (bought op shop), cloud brooches bought Cairns Art Gallery, Ken Done vintage scarf (donated), vintage Witchery belt (bought op shop), vintage ring, stockings by Jonathan Aston, Fluevog shoes (eBay).

I feel in a very lucky position when I can't remember who exactly donated this scarf to me. Was it Bec, or was it Sally? They both are such supporters of WKBD, that when they recently found some Ken Done scarves, all of us were very excitable. But in the meeting up with them, I can't recall who actually handed over this one. So *thanks* to you both! This KD baby comes from the Newtown Vinnies, and finding Ken Done there was a real treat!

I also wanted to show off my ring today. It was gifted to me by my partner's Mum. The ring was hers in the 70s, and I feel right chuffed to be the recipient of this, so thanks Pam! xo


V.B said...

looks like you could start a new form of bull fighting with that pose!

Anonymous said...

Nice ring Jackie.