Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 116/365: I've been to The Social Studio! They are *AMAZING*

I'm so sorry for the late post... but here I am in Melbourne at The Social Studio! at 128 Smith Street, Collingwood.

I got to meet everyone today from TSS and saw for myself just how *wonderful* their work is. So enjoy some fun photos of this amazing social enterprise, and understand why they will benefit from all our support! I can't tell you how exciting it has been to see it all, and know that every dollar we raise will be used for *good, good* purpose. Hooray!

Look! ... they even made me Ken Done inspired cupcakes!
Can't you see just how much I am smiling at getting to meet some of the beautiful people working out of The Social Studio today:
With the design of their store it is a joy to be in. Look how good they are with space, recycled products, and colour, colour everywhere! There is even a cafe for people to come and visit. The cupcakes are *highly* recommended.
Yes, I've Done some shopping here. Yes, I'm *very* happy with my buys, and even more *excited* to share the Social Studio clothing-experience with you. Love it. Support it.
And now, a more 'straight' post - with Ruby-Lou the Poodle of Frankston - and my inspired outfit today:
Ken Done glasses, hand made earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, op-shop bought hand tailored jacket (technically, my Friday-inspired choice piece), Ken Done / The Social Studio remixed doona dress, Lacoste boots (on sale, sample).


Anonymous said...

Excuse Moi?!! I am Deeeply offended! J'habite Mt Eliza pas Frankston!!! Non! Non! Je suis une poodel speciale!!! Ruby-Le-Ou-la-Belle!

Anonymous said...

Nice handbag Jackie, i haven't heard of the brand "Ruby-Lou the poodle" do they only sell in Frankston?

Helen said...

WOW!!!! The Social Studio looks amazing. Well DONE to the team there and a great enterprise to support Jackie.

Love it all!