Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 118/365

Ken Done glasses, Diane Freis dress (op shop), Ken Done overnight bag (eBay), Bally shoes.

When travelling in Melbourne, my usual packing style is to have a repeat outfit for the last day to minimise my luggage. Experience tells me that if (actually I really mean, when) I find something new in the Victorian op-shops, I can try that out instead. So today I happily present to you a Diane Freis number, bought for $6.99 in Frankston yesterday. I think the colouring goes perfectly with my 1986 Ken Done overnight bag. This baby came from the US via eBay for a steal. And check out Ken's signature on this bag: it's the whole deal with his full name, sun-light detail, copyright mark AND year!
I thought this photo captured well the full 80's 'frou frou' of Diane Freis style...
Karen from Alice Euphemia sent me a wonderful, supportive email when I started What Ken Be Done. So I dropped by this gorgeous store on Friday to say hello. Unfortunately, Karen wasn't there, but I did get to meet a lovely woman by the name of Victoria. When we talked about my project she let me know she just happened to have a Jenny Kee bag with her that day. Well, everyone agreed a special photo was in order!
So *thank you* Victoria for your great look, and the sharing of your beautiful Kee bag. You, and this store (including *amazing* Birthday Suit stock!) are well worth celebrating!


Anonymous said...

that dress would look as good on my granny as you make it look. Classic.

What Ken Be Done? said...

The *good* thing about Granny Style is that it is never 'out of style'. Rather, it is Beyond Style! Perhaps a little bit like the Done-ster himself! :-)