Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 121/365

Hand-made necklace (I even made the beads from clay myself!), Sportscraft top & Howard Showers waistcoat (op shop finds, and I attached the decal to the waistcoat from an old dress), vintage dress gifted by woman called Susan (over 6 years ago), Leona Edmiston stockings, Fluevogs (eBay).

I'm off to a work picnic today, so I've taken the Ken Done picnic-style tote. This *lovely* tote has been donated by my sister-in-law Susan, who has developed quite a keen eye for all that is 'Done'... so much so that when my brother James and her were recently at the Olsen Hotel in Melbourne she made him pose for a photo when they found a Ken Done 'bible' in the lobby! They commented, 'Ken Done is everywhere!' Did I forget to mention he started his career in advertising, people?!


Anonymous said...

james looks like a very proud brother. when do we get to see Susan??

Anonymous said...

and nice outfit jackie (as always)

and youre almost at $4000!!!!!!!!!!