Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 123/365: We're over 1/3 way through WKBD!

Ken Done glasses, hand-made earrings and necklace, art-deco bat brooch as necklace, beads donated by Aimee, vintage Holeproof leotard, MK One knit bolero from a thrift store in Bath (UK), Desert Designs vintage 80s silk skirt donated from Aimee, Canteen scarf as belt, Fluevogs (bought on sale, Sole Devotion, Melbourne).

Day 123 in front of house 123!

This house also proves to be a beauty in being 'urban-desert' orange, which matches perfectly with my Desert Designs skirt and long orange and white beads donated by Aimee. What generosity! What *good fashion* support of *good fashion for good*

And what am I up to today? Well, actually, it's all about numbers again. I'm off to see my accountant. And I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure this outfit shows that I mean *business* :-)
Want to know more about Desert Designs? Well read here (FYI, start by searching Jimmy Pike on the page). But in short, all hail Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike - from the Kimberley region - who started his design work in the 1980s in Fremantle, WA. Jimmy sure has an eye for colour, design and the 1980s vibe...
And below, a closer look at the orange and white beads from Aimee. But really it was also about sharing 'Blinky' with you. This is my favourite brooch, from the art deco period, and thus missing one eye over the years. He was given to me by my beloved partner, also another West Australian gem!
Oh, and for all of those of you with keen eyes, around my waist is a Canteen scarf, my small homage for bandana day today. Thanks to a few of the WKBD Done-nuts who let me know this. *Good* work to Canteen who do *great* work for a good cause too! Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

*wink* hot outfit!

Xiao-Ming said...

Une, deux, trois... Nobody does it like that anymore.

Lyndel said...

great! I've sent you a 'hankie' today to match that fantastic skirt. Just what every gal needs, a hankie in her pocket. LOL

What Ken Be Done? said...

Xiao-Ming: good to have you back! :-)

Lyndel:So when someone asks, 'is that a 1980s Ken Done hankie in your pocket' ... I'll know exactly where to go with it! Super-fantastic, and can't wait to get the donation.

*Thanks thanks* for supporting WKBD and The Social Studio! x

JeTaimeVintage said...

The skirt looks great on you! Couldnt have gone to a better home :)

What Ken Be Done? said...

Shucks JeTaime Vintage, you are so lovely! Thanks so much for playing *good fashion for good*. I look forward to auctioning off this gem and raising some well-deserved $$ for The Social Studio. Plus, I just know this skirt will go to a *good* home!