Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 124/365

The reason for my later post today? Well, I wanted to show this Ken Done kaftan top in both 'a.m.' and 'p.m.' style.

So I start early this morning outside Alexander's Bakery in Rockdale. This Balkan bakery comes well recommended for not only burek, but also donuts (or should I say Done-nuts!) old-school style. Oh, and did I mention Rockdale has some very good op shops too? Fun times, for all! We went as far as Cronulla today on our road-trip and there will be some celebrations to share :-)
Vintage hoop earrings from Shag (Melbourne), op-shop bought necklace, Ken Done kaftan top (found in Newtown markets by my mate Bec!), Levi jeans from US, Birkenstocks.

And now, a more 'p.m.' style of the Ken Done kaftan top. And the lesson is? Whatever the time of day, Ken Done works!
Vintage hoop earrings from Shag (Melbourne), Ken Done kaftan top, vintage Saba dress, vintage Amina shoes made in Australia (and found by me in Tasmania about 11 years ago!).

And the day after bandanna day, a lovely shot of my own Canteen Ken Done scarf collection drying on our line. And yes, I can always do with more!


Lyndel said...

fab looks today, how very versatile a Kaftan can be

Popsie said...

Champagne Jackie. Champagne.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Well I took your compliment Lyndel, and added it to your wonderful idea Popsie... the result was a relaxing evening of fun with some well-deserved bubbles!