Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 96/365: First Gratuitous Ken Done in Tourist Locations

No I'm not coming to you from New York, but this Ken Done koala family was spotted recently at the Statue of Liberty. *bloody ripper*!
Me? Today I'm just shopping locally in high-waisted shorts from Judy Done's Collection. Not only super high, these KD shorties are baby blue and made out of this almost corduroy / terry-towelling cotton fabric.

When I was last in these shops the guy at the cash register saw my Done bag and told us he had been part of the removalist team that moved all the stock out of the now-closed Redfern based Done warehouse. He seemed genuinely surprised to have local people actually know about Ken Done. Funny that :-)
Special thanks to Iain for sending his recent New York photos. Below is a bit more of Iain and David - at a couple of NY's finest tourist sites - giving a Ken Done coaster a *good* showcase.

You boys are so *lovely* for Done-ing it for the cause xo xo


doc said...

have DONE will travel


Julia said...

OH MY GOD!!! How many cute guys do you know Jackie???
Are any of them single????

What Ken Be Done? said...

I'll be testing that theory, Doc, on my next trip xo

Julia: Last time I checked this wasn't a dating site... but they all are rather *gorgeous* men, aren't they?!

And you know what they say about gorgeous men? They just love people who donate money to *good* causes! :-)

Anonymous said...

well done done in the supermarket aisles. loving the new venues and attire. that's all i have to say about that! x meggan